Технічні статті

Маленька Книга Симофорів - Переклад обраних статей (але всі вони чудові) вільної в усіх відношеннях книги пана Алена Доуні The Little Book of Semaphores.
How to become web master - All the professionals around the world, find it out, that being a web master is realy easier and brings much more money then high education.
Agile, bringing projects to the clouds - Know, why development process does not work. You have not enough agile! Less control, less work - more product and profit!


3D cinema inside your browser - Here, you will know, why you should take place closer to center of sits!
Might And Magic Classics - Very old, classic Might And Magic V in your browser. Finally, they evolved to handle this!
Mars topology - Travel mars terrains, as taken from sattalites.
WWW Dia - Make class diagrams in web implementation of classic DIA project.
Mobile-friendly web client for XMPP networks - Use XMPP instant messaging from your browser, or install it on your mobile device. This project is particulary interesting for web and mobile developers, to know capabilities of javascript today. This uses Cordova project for mobiles.
Table games meet TableT games! - Counting lamber and rocks required to build new town hall in several locations around your main town, becomes difficult after several hours of playing table game and drinking beer/wine with your friends. Rules are vague sometimes... Finally! you have a partner, which allows you to play table games, concentraiting on interesting things. Also, technology can be used to control smart house.

Don't Contact Me

Github repository - See other useless projects coming from under my dirty hands controled by drunk brain.
ldimat@gmail.com - Fill my Spam mailbox on gmail services.
Facebook - there is my account somewhere there, but i don't remember it....
VK - i've been there too, but those guys want my cellphone... and i actually gave it to them, but they could not event send me a SMS with some code-stuff.